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January 5, 2012:

Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.13 is released.
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What feature would you most like to see in a future version of Automatic Timesheet?
Send a tweet when I leave and/or return to my computer.
Create a product similar to Automatic Timesheet that lets me keep track of all of my employees' timesheets.
Require a supervisor's password in order to edit the timesheet

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Frequently Asked Questions
My company's pay period doesn't start on Saturday. Is there a way to change the start of the pay period to another day?
Yes. You can change the pay period start day to any day of the week from the Options set up window.
How do I shut down Automatic Timesheet?
Select "Exit" from the "File" menu.
How can I print the timesheet?
First create a report. This is done by selecting the "Timesheet Report..." item from the "Tools" menu. The report will open in your web browser. You can then print the report from your web browser.
I would rather enter my clock in and clock times myself. Is there a way to disable the automatic clock in and clock out?
Yes. Go to the Tools menu in Automatic Timesheet and select Options. Then click the Advanced tab. Check the "Disable automatic clock in and clock out" item. Click "Save".
Does the software work with Windows Vista?
Yes. Beginning with version 1.2.4 Automatic Timesheet works with Windows Vista.
Does the software work with Windows 7?
Yes. Beginning with version 1.2.4 Automatic Timesheet works with Windows 7.
Sometimes I work past midnight. How can I keep track of this time?
Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.5 and later support clocking out after midnight. You can get the latest version from the Download page. With this change a clock out time that is BEFORE the clock in time is considered to have occurred the following day. For example, a timesheet entry for a Monday that had 8 AM for the clock in time and 1 AM for the clock out time would be considered a 17 hour day (8 AM Monday to 1 AM Tuesday).
I work the late shift. Is there a way to get Automatic Timesheet to work with my schedule?
Yes. Beginning with version 1.2.5, Automatic Timesheet will handle your schedule properly.

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