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January 5, 2012:

Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.13 is released.
Click here for more information.
What feature would you most like to see in a future version of Automatic Timesheet?
Send a tweet when I leave and/or return to my computer.
Create a product similar to Automatic Timesheet that lets me keep track of all of my employees' timesheets.
Require a supervisor's password in order to edit the timesheet

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The latest version of Automatic Timesheet can be downloaded from this page.

New Users Download A Free Evaluation Copy

New users can download a fully functional evalution copy of Automatic Timesheet from this page.

The copy comes with a time-limited 15-day license. To continue using the software beyond 15 days, you will need to purchase a permanent license. If you would like to purchase a license now, click the "Pricing / Purchase" link from the menu at the left.

Once you have downloaded the file, run it to install Automatic Timesheet on your computer.

The software requires Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. It will not run correctly on earlier versions of Windows.

For help installing or using the software, please use the Contact / Support page.

 Click here to download Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.13 (1.2 MB).



Current Customers Download The Latest Version

Customers who have already purchased Automatic Timesheet can download the latest version here.

The installation file for the evaluation version and the installation file for the software upgrade are exactly the same. However there is no need for existing customers to re-enter their license information. The updated software will automatically recognize your existing license information.

 Click here to download Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.13 (1.2 MB).