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January 5, 2012:

Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.13 is released.
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Send a tweet when I leave and/or return to my computer.
Create a product similar to Automatic Timesheet that lets me keep track of all of my employees' timesheets.
Require a supervisor's password in order to edit the timesheet

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  • Automatically records "clock in" and "clock out" times
    • Your "clock in" time is recorded the first time you power up or log on to your computer on a given day.
    • Your "clock out" time is recorded the last time you power down or log off of your computer on a given day.
    • If you are using a screen saver, your clock out time will be recorded that last time your screen saver comes on a given day. This is handy for those times when you forget to shutdown or log off of your computer before leaving for the day.
  • Configurable
    • General settings include a setting for which day of the week should appear as the first day of the week on the timesheet and default "clock in" and "clock out" times. A setting for the default length of the lunch period is also provided.
    • Rounding options are available for "clock in" and "clock out" times, and for the daily and weekly time totals. Times can be rounded backward, forward or to nearest minute in intervals of 1, 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.
    • The time can be displayed in AM/PM or 24 hour format.
  • Automatic, but can also be manually edited
    • Clock in time, clock out time and the length of the lunch period can all be edited.
    • There is also provision for a daily adjustment. This can be used to add or subtract time for things like being away from the office for dentist appointment or working a couple of hours at home in the evening.
    • The automatic clock in and clock out feature can be disabled.
  • Pay Calculator
    • Calculates gross pay.
    • Allows for up to 4 pay rates (pay calculator entries).
    • The default names of the pay calculator entries are "Base Pay", "Overtime Pay", "Double Time Pay" and "Bonus". These names can be changed by the user.
    • Maximum number of hours for each pay calculator entry is 2000.
    • Maximum pay per hour value for each pay calculator entry is 999.99.
    • Can be hidden when not in use. Use the "View/Pay Calculator" menu item to show the pay calculator if it is hidden.
    • Password protection option.
    • Pay calculator report can be viewed and printed from your web browser.
  • Additional Features
    • The Daily History feature allows you to keep track of when and how long you are away from your computer during the work day.
    • Generate reports that can be viewed in and printed from your web browser or Microsoft Word.
    • Creates comma delimited reports that can be used to import the timesheet data into a spreadsheet or database.
    • Allows clock out after midnight. This is useful if you work late or work the late shift.
    • Provides two convenient ways to lock your computer: click "Lock Computer" from either the main window tasks list or from Automatic Timesheet's icon pop-up menu.