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January 5, 2012:

Automatic Timesheet version 1.2.13 is released.
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What feature would you most like to see in a future version of Automatic Timesheet?
Send a tweet when I leave and/or return to my computer.
Create a product similar to Automatic Timesheet that lets me keep track of all of my employees' timesheets.
Require a supervisor's password in order to edit the timesheet

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What is Automatic Timesheet?

Automatic Timesheet is an easy to use Windows® program designed to help you keep an accurate timesheet with minimum effort. The timesheet calculator software runs on your computer and automatically records your "clock in" and "clock out" time each work day. Additionally, the total amount of time you have worked each day and each week are calculated for you.

The software has an editor that can be used to make changes to the "Clock In", "Clock Out", "Lunch" and "Adjustment" values if needed. So if you occasionally have an extra long lunch (or maybe no lunch at all), it's easy to update.

Alternatively, you may use the software as a manual timesheet calculator by turning off the automatic clock in / clock out feature.

You can read more about the software on the Features page or download a copy of the software with a 15-day evaluation license from the Download page.

Main Automatic Timesheet window
Screenshot showing the main Automatic Timesheet window.